Task 6 – Scoring Percussion For Film


1).My objective for this task was to create a score for percussion to a section from American Beauty (1999). I needed to sync the first section to the original track and score over it, then score the second half entirely.

2).The visual elements that I wanted to highlight was towards the end when she starts unzip her top. I performed this with a increasing tom tom drum roll mixed with some progressive cymbal scrapes, marimba, crotales and chimes.

3).I took inspiration from Evelyn Glennie’s performance of Prim by Askell Masson (1984). She performs a gradual increase, then decrease in tempo using double strokes. I modified this by using a paradiddle pattern using two seperatly pitched toms where Glennie just uses the snare drum. 

4).A new audio technique applied in this task is the syncing of logic to the original film audio, enabling me to quantize my percussion to the film. I also automated the tempo for the progressive drum roll.

5).A music technique I learnt while doing this task was learning about different rudiments for drumming rhythms. With singles strokes (L,R-L,R), double strokes (L,L-R,R), single paradiddles (R,L,R,R-L,R,L,L), double paradiddles (R,L,R,L,R,R-L,R,L,R,L,L), triple paradiddles (R,L,R,L,R,L,R,R-L,R,L,R,L,R,L,L) and paradiddle diddles (R,L,R,R,L,L-R,L,R,R,L,L-L,R,L,L,R,R-L,R,L,L,R,R).

6).This task was an example of practise as research because I explored popular percussionists and researched into rudimental drumming. I furthered this by adapting some of her work using the knowledge from my research and applied it to my composition in a creative manner. 

7).I would give myself 62.5% for this task because I have met the guidelines, created a score that I am happy with and I have taken inspiration from popular percussionists and adapted their work and applied it to mine using what I learned with my research into their field of expertise.

Word Count: 264


American Beauty. (1999). [DVD] Directed by S. Mendes. United States: Dreamworks Pictures


Masson, A., 1984. Prim performed by Evelyn Glennie. Available: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEdrLjq_RRo. Last accessed 3rd May 2011.


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