My Finished Unity Game

I chose to make a first person shoot ’em up, which turned out to be pretty tricky to be honest. I didn’t get on very well with unity for quite a while, but after a couple of weeks I got more fluent with it. The aim of the game is to collect all 40 gems and then the door to the shed will open letting you in to see its beauty inside!!! Haha! Oh and of course you have to avoid getting killed by the bad guys, of which there are 20. I have also planted a couple of pickups around the island including rocket launcher ammo and extra health.

For the audio….

I used five separate samples of footsteps, which were attached to the FPS Walker script.

I have background music played at an appropriate volume, so it is not interfering, but still positively audible.

I used gun shot samples for the machine gun, which loop rapidly when triggered.

I used two samples with the rocket launcher, one for when the rocket is fired and another for the explosion. The explosion sample is attached to the rocket prefab, which is a child object to the rocket launcher so that the sound source is attached to the rocket. So, if the rocket explodes close to you, it is loud and if it is further away then it is more quiet. Magic.

I used a ‘cha ching’ sample that is triggered off when you pick up a gem.

I made a vocal recording of myself giving a mission brief, which is triggered off when you start the game. I put it in logic and added some funny effects to make to make it sound more interesting (and for a laugh).

I made another vocal recording of myself saying ‘nice one son’, which I used a BandPass Filter on and bounced it together with a sample of a crowd cheering. This is my ‘success’ audio event that gets triggered when you get into the shed.

I used a ‘gurgling’ sound sample for the volcano and set a specific spatial spread distance so that it gets louder when you get closer.

I used a vocal sample of ‘ah yeah’, which gets triggered off when you pickup more ammo for the rocket launcher.

I used a weird sounding sample, which kind of sounds like someone swallowing something that gets triggered off when you pickup more health.

I used two different sample for when the player gets shot, they are two groans, one louder than the other.

I used the Wilhelm scream as my ‘failure’ sound for when the player dies.

Unfortunately, there were a few glitches with the audio. I found that after a completely random amount of time the footsteps, gem pickups and success samples completely stopped working. Also sometimes when you pickup more ammo for the rocket launcher it doesn’t register, which is a bit shoddy. Still a fun game though.

Note: I did try to add a script to hide the cursor but it didn’t want to work when I attached it to the FPS Player Prefab and I ran out of time to try embedding it in the existing script.

I got a few of my samples from ensuring that the copyright licenses complied with cc 1.0 regulations.


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