week 9 – recording acoustic lead guitar and vocals for track 2 and some other stuff…

This week we had quite a good session in the Studio. Getting into the groove of setting/patching everything up more quickly. We recorded Andy C doing Vocals for both of the tracks using the AKG 414 with the pop shield cover. I would have used the proper pop shield with another Mic had it have been available, but we made do with this and it didn’t sound too shabby.

Had to be done...

We used a close Mic-ing technique on the Acoustic Guitar using the DPA’s with the A-B Stereo Setup. These are definitely my favourite microphones, I think they hit all the right frequencies for the sound that I want.

Recording the Acoustic with the DPA's

This is a picture of the DPA’s with the A-B Stereo Setup.

The DPA's with the A-B Stereo Setup



Week 8 – Recording Drums and Bass for the first task

This week the Andies and I setup the Kit (in the style of Brian Eno. Dont quote me on that…). The only real difference from how we had it setup was the Mic used on the Hi-Hat, which was the SE Electronics microphone. I thought it made it sound awesome, so I will definitely be using that again. Here’s a picture of the Kits setup this time.

Our kit setup

We used the same two DPA’s on the Snare with the bottom one phase reversed because that came up with some really good results.

Two DPA's on the Snare

We used two of the Sennheiser E602, one on the outside that you can see in this photo and the other inside next to the skin being kicked, which we then mixed down to taste.

Mic'd Kick

The Bass Guitar was recorded simply with two DPA’s using the A-B Stereo setup.

Mic'd Bass Amp

The Mic’s were placed about a foot away from the Amp as you can see here.

Andy Playing the Bass Recorded with the DPA's. (and my foot)