HELLO!!! Welcome to my blog! My name is Eliot Finch, I am 24 years old, I was born in Cambridge and have lived there for a large percentage of my life. I have been a chef for the past six years, attaining an NVQ level 2 in Food Preparation and Cooking. The highlight of my catering career was working under a chef named Ian Morgan, who was voted best chef in Manchester a couple of years back, and worked under Marco Pierre White, Gary Rhodes and others. I think even from the start, I knew my that cooking was not my true passion, it was music. I had only occurred to me about a year ago that i can do something to radically change my life to follow up this passion. So this year I enrolled at the Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge) to study Creative Music Technology. I just moved in with 4 other Anglia students (all girls, haha!), I have an awesome setup in my bedroom for playing/producing  music and I’m happier than ever because I feel like I’ve got everything I have ever wanted. That’s just one of the reasons why I know I will do well in this Course. I can’t wait!


I grew up in with a family of musicians, my dad, two older sisters, and then my step brother and mother. When I was a lot younger, I played the Cornet in a brass band and moved on to the Drums, which was more definitely more fun. I also have a bit of experience playing the guitar, but what i really think would benefit me the most would be to learn the piano again. On top of that, I just love any music a pianos in it. Anyway, thats quite enough about me, I hope you enjoy reading the rest of my blog!